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On-The-Ground Support During Your Travels in Malaysia

What Do You Get For $10/Day?

MiaGoGo is a service that will help you plan your travel and always be ready to help during your stay in Malaysia

Personalized Itinerary

Tell us your most inner desire for your Malaysian travel and we will do our best to make them come true. Our local experts with our local connections is the best people to help you have the best experience in Malaysia.

Travel Arrangements

From hotel bookings, dinner reservation, tour guides, ticket bookings, airport transfer, car rental and anything else that you might need -- we do them all. We can help you with this before and during your stay in Malaysia.

Trip Consultation

Before making the trip, you can ask us anything about Malaysia. Where to stay? How to get there? What mode of transportation you should take? Ask away and we'll help you plan your trip.

On-the-Ground Support

Be at peace knowing that we will always be here to support you. Emergencies, travel arrangements, recommendations, tips, just get in touch with us. We'll be here.

Local Connection Advantage

Take advantage of our local connection and knowledge. Go places little known to tourists. Get tips for places, bargaining, and more.

Have you ever wished for a friend in the country that you'll be visiting?

In Malaysia, you have us, MiaGoGo!

I was in Japan one time traveling with my wife and small kids. We were flying back home the next day. Wanting to make things as comfortable as possible for my wife and kids, I tried to book for an MPV to take us to the airport for the next day.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any. All the apps that I had, all the numbers I called couldn’t confirm a vehicle for us.

Luckily I have a Japanese friend who helped us book a ride to the airport. It was a huge relief because I wouldn’t want to drag four luggages while carrying my little one to board the train for that short trip.

I couldn’t do much for Japan or any other country at the moment. But I can do something for my homeland, Malaysia. I can help travellers to Malaysia, like you, with your travels to this land.

So that is my story.
That is why I created MiaGoGo!


Iszuddin Ismail

How it Works?

4 Easy Steps for a Wonderful Journey

1. Tell Us Your Plan

Fill in a short form and tell us what you imagine your trip would be like. The more detailed, the better. And we will craft your personalized itinerary.

2. No Obligation Consultation

Check your personalized itinerary and see how you like it. Any questions, just ask away. We are happy to give you tips and advice on how to navigate your way in Malaysia.

We will also send you details about our On-The-Ground Assistance Service which starts as $10/day for peace of mind during your travels. Pay online and you are all set!

3. Pack & Travel

When your day comes, pack and travel. We will be here in Malaysia awaiting your arrival.

4. Continued On-the-Ground Support

While you are in Malaysia, you know you have a friend you can rely on. If you need us, we are here for you. Chat, email, phone, we are at your disposal.

Are You Ready?

No obligation free consultation. Credit card is not required.
Just fill in some details in a form and we are good to go. Click on the button above to get started.

Happy Travellers...

My itinerary was excellent! I had a great time in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. And I kinda bugged the guys at MiaGoGo quite a lot about almost everything I can think of... shopping, currency, language... and they are always there with a happy response.
Carole Jabbour
E-Learning Consultant
Melbourne, Australia
I have always wanted to scuba dive in Sabah. MiaGoGo introduced me to an awesome guide and I get to see awesome sea life up close.
Justin Kilgannon
Charter Jet Pilot
American in Tokyo, Japan
It was my first time in Malaysia and I am nervous about getting lost, or if the people would understand me. But I am glad that I have MiaGoGo. Anytime I wasn't sure about anything in Malaysia, I asked MiaGoGo.
Mathieu Rioux-Morin
E-Commerce Entrepreneur
Montreal, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time, introductory offer, you can subscribe to MiaGoGo on-the-ground travel assistance for only $10 per day.

After submitting your form, please allow 3-4 days for our panel of advisers to devise a plan for your trip.

As an added benefit to subscribing to our on-the-ground travel assistance service, we will expand on itinerary with more details and options.

It varies from case to case. But we will do our best to assist our customers any way we can. When a booking requires payment, we may need you to pay for the expenses that will incur upfront.

You will be provided with a chat app to always be in contact with MiaGoGo, 24-7. 

Any questions? Just fire away!

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